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Asia Pacific Quality Register (APQR) Council approved inclusion of Russian Register on APQR

Dear APQN Members and Stakeholders,

APQR and APQN are pleased to inform that Certification Association “Russian Register” (RR) based in Moscow, Russia has been approved for inclusion on APQR.

Certification Association “Russian Register” (Russian Register or RR) expressed its interest to the Asia-Pacific Quality Register Council (APQRC) to be considered for inclusion on the Asia-Pacific Quality Register (APQR).

Russian Register submitted a Self Evaluation Report (SER) and supporting documents to APQRC.

A review Panel of three experts, Prof. Patricia Pol (Chair) from France,      Dr. Farida Nurmanbetova (Member) from Republic of Kazakhstan and    Prof. Dr. Jianxin Zhang (Member & Facilitator) from China, visited Russian Register from May 28-30 2017 and conducted interviews with RR’s staff, with external assessors and evaluators, with representatives from the Committee on Education, with the representatives from higher education institutions and with a range of other stakeholders.

Based on its review of documents, interviews, and validation of statements in the Self-Evaluation Report (SER), the Panel recommended to APQRC that Russian Register be accepted onto the Register.

Subsequently APQRC has considered the review panel reports and decided to include Russian Register on APQR with validity period for five years.

APQR Chairperson Dr. Jagannath Patil, who facilitated the review process has urged APQN members to consider joining APQR for which many members have already shown interest. Details of procedure for inclusion on APQR are available on website (i.e.

APQR Secretariat
JP/ Russia Register/APQRC/14/7/2017