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Eligibility - Chiba Principles

Criteria for Recognition by the APQR – Chiba Principles

A modified set of 11 criteria that takes into account the APQN membership criteria as well as Chiba Principles are:

Criterion Description
1. Organization Category The QAA is a full member of APQN or is a QA body which is valid entity recognized by the appropriate authority in the relevant country/territory/region, and is accountable to stakeholders.
2.Operations The quality assurance agency undertakes quality assurance activities (at institutional and/or program level) on a cyclical basis.
3. Mission and Objectives The mission statement and objectives of the agency are understood consistently by its stakeholders.
4. Staff and Reviewers The profile of the agency staff and the profile of the reviewers the agency uses are consistent with the Mission Statement.
5. Independence The quality assurance agency is independent and has autonomous responsibility for its QA operations. The judgments and recommendations of the agency’s reports cannot be changed by third parties.
6. Resources The agency has sufficient resources to run its operations in accordance with its mission statement and objectives.
7. Process and Criteria The description of the processes and criteria applied by the agency are transparent and publicly available and normally include: selfevaluation, site visit, public report and followup measure. The published standards and criteria are applied consistently and rigorously.
8. Appeals An appeals mechanism is available for the institutions.
9. Quality Assurance The agency has effective quality assurance measures in place to monitor itself and is subject to occasional review.
10. Monitoring and Evaluation The agency undertakes research on internal and external quality assurance and provides information and advice to higher education institutions.
11. Agency Linkages The agency cooperates and collaborates with other agencies and key players across national borders.

Recognition by or inclusion onto APQR is based on a review of the agency against its adherence to compliance with the above criteria.

Acceptance onto APQR requires “substantial compliance” with these criteria. Each criterion will be judged “fully, substantially, partially or non‐compliant”; and substantial compliance with the whole set needs full or substantial compliance with each criterion.

Inclusion onto APQR will be valid for a period of five years. The governing body of APQR has the right to cancel the inclusion on APQR if there are circumstances and evidence that call into question the substantial compliance of the agency with the review criteria.

The logo of APQN Quality Label is as follows: